Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Universities Take Steps to Improve Working Conditions for Adjuncts

The Chronicle of Higher Education
By Nell Gluckman
April 5, 2017

For years, Pennsylvania State University's faculty had watched the percentage of untenured professors in their ranks inch upward.  Then, about four years ago, that group was finally in the majority.  It was a wake up call.
Pennsylvania State U. Mary Miles, a senior lecturer in English
at Penn State's main Campus, has taught there for 15 years,
but she says she stillfields questions from students about
whether she is a "real professor."

"When you hit the point where you're majority fixed-term faculty, you've got some explaining to do," said Michael Bérubé, a literature professor who is chair of the University Faculty Senate's committee on faculty affairs.  "Either you come up with conversion to tenure or you come up with a good way of stabilizing and improving their working conditions and treating them like the professionals they are."

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