Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cut to the Core

Inside Higher Ed
By Colleen Flaherty
April 3, 2017

Even the best laid curricula can go awry, or at least get stale.  So colleges and universities review and revise their cores or general-education programs with some regularity.  And that's what professors at Long Island University's two major campuses had agreed to do in recent years.

Then things went off course with the unprecedented faculty lockout at LIU's Brooklyn campus in September over union contract issues.  Faculty-administrative relations, already tense, took a nosedive, and curricular revisions took a back seat.

Now in another blow to faculty morale and shared governance, professors say, the university's Board of Trustees has imposed a credit cap and timeline for the typically faculty-driven curricular review process at both the Brooklyn and C.W. Post campuses.

Read the full article at the Inside Higher Ed website here.

Twitter: Students protest LIU faculty lockout in Sept.

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