Friday, March 24, 2017

Momentum Builds for May Day Strikes- Labor Notes

Momentum Builds for May Day Strikes

Labor Notes
By Jonathan Rosenblum
March 23, 2017

Shop steward Tomas Mejia sensed something was different when 600 janitors streamed into the Los Angeles union hall February 16- far more than for a regular membership meeting.  Chanting "Huelga! Huelga!" ("Strike! Strike!), they voted unanimously to strike on May Day.

This won't be a strike against their employers.  The janitors of SEIU United Service Workers West felt driven, Mejia says, "to strike with the community" against the raids, threats, and immigrant-bashing hate speech that the Trump administration has unleashed. 

Read the full Labor Notes article here.

Members of SEIU-USWW voted unanimously to strike this May Day.
They are encouraging other worker and community organizations to
mobilize for May 1. Photo: SEIU-USWW

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