Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ithaca College Students Support the March 28 & 29 Strike by Contingent Faculty

Students React to Contingent Faculty Strike

The Ithacan
By Sierra Guardiola
March 22, 2017

Students at Ithaca College are in the midst of preparing for a strike being held by contingent faculty March 28 and 29.  While some are throwing their support behind the faculty, others are wary as to how the strike will affect their studies.

Seniors Taylor Ford and Catherine Proulx are both members of IC Students for Labor Action, a student organization involved in showing support for the contingent faculty.  Through many mediums, they have been trying to offer ways to educate and involve students on campus to support the efforts of the contingent faculty. 

Read the full article from The Ithaca here.

Senior Peter Zibinski addresses reporters at an event held to
support the contingent faculty union outside of an event celebrating
the IC 20/20 on March 2. (Sam Fuller/The Ithaca)

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