Wednesday, March 29, 2017

AAUP Investigation Finds Adjunct Professor Fired for Not Lowering Expectation of Philosophy Class

Inside Higher Ed reports on an investigation conducted by AAUP at the Community College of Aurora.  The adjunct professor was fired immediately, without due process.

Fired Because He Wouldn't Dumb Down a Course?

Inside Higher Ed
By Colleen Flaherty
March 29, 2017

Students may complain about courses that are too hard, but could fighting to maintain high standards actually get a professor fired?  A new report from the American Association of University Professors alleges that Colorado's Community College of Aurora terminated an adjunct because he refused to lower his expectations for his introductory philosophy class.  The report sets the stage for the AAUP to vote on censuring Aurora for alleged violations of academic freedom later this spring, but the college denies such charges.  It blames Nathaniel Bork's termination on his own teaching "difficulties."

Read the full article at the Inside Higher Ed website here.

Community College of Aurora

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