Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Students’ Requests for Trigger Warnings Grow More Varied

The Chronicle of Higher Education
September 14th, 2015

The 1950s image depicts a husband bending his wife over his lap as he spanks her. "Women!" it’s captioned. "Know your place."
Jared Roberts, a doctoral student in counseling at George Washington University, used the picture in a psychology course he taught last year to show gender roles from an earlier generation. Students in his class on adult development and aging would be doing community service in senior-citizen centers, he says, and interacting with people who were in their prime during the era the picture represented.
But for Ariella Neckritz, a senior who has worked with victims of sexual assault, the picture was offensive. She worried that it could be traumatic for people who had experienced relationship violence. "I approached the professor after the class and said, ‘I recognize that you’re trying to show how views have changed over time, but I would suggest picking a different photo,’ " she said in an interview. "Or, if he really wanted to keep that photo, I thought he could say, ‘The next photo I’m using shows physical violence, and I want to let everyone know.’ "

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