Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Valdosta State Blues

Inside Higher Ed
August 11th, 2015

Valdosta State University’s had a rough run in the last few years: declining enrollment, something of a revolving door of administrators and a divisive political protest controversy. But is the way to solve Valdosta State’s problems really getting rid of some its best and brightest young faculty members? That’s what some on campus are wondering after the university announced last week that it was laying off 33 staff and faculty members, including some on the tenure track.
“These kinds of layoffs do not do anything good for undergraduate enrollment and they have a detrimental effect on graduate enrollment,” said Thomas Aiello, an associate professor of history at Valdosta State who’ll lose two high-performing tenure-track faculty members in his department by the end of the coming academic year as a result of the cuts. “Faculty like the ones who were let go are the ones students are reading with as undergrads and they want to come back and study under them.”

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