Thursday, August 20, 2015

How Some Professors Deploy Mobile Technology in Their Teaching

The Chronicle of Higher Education
August 20th, 2015

Students in Ronald A. Yaros’s Info 3.0 class at the University of Maryland at College Park this fall will use a smartphone app specifically designed for practically everything in the course: Writing blog posts, sending tweets, and shooting video interviews.
Mr. Yaros doesn’t allow laptop computers in his classroom but not because he doesn’t expect students to look at screens. Instead, he asks them to bring a tablet computer or use their smartphones to follow along with his interactive demonstrations during class, which he can beam to their devices using another app, called Nearpod. With a swipe of the finger on his iPad, the screens on his students’ devices change as well. In addition to slides, he pulls up work the students have done in the week since their last meeting, as well as asks open-ended questions, polls them, and shares PDFs on the small screen.

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