Thursday, August 20, 2015

Advice for Aspiring Academics

Inside Higher Ed
August 20th, 2015

As we approach a new academic year, graduate students, postdocs, adjuncts and others are eyeing the job market warily and wondering, How do I get a tenure-track job? Here are a dozen pieces of advice to help get you to the interview and, with luck, onto the tenure track.
1. Publish everything. A conference paper is half an essay (or chapter). Once you’ve given your presentation, develop a full version and send it out to a peer-reviewed publication. Or if it’s part of a book, write the rest of the chapter.
2. Sustain production. In one respect, building a CV is a simple mathematical equation: if you publish two articles per year, in five years you’ll have 10 articles. The specific annual number is up to you. As a graduate student or young scholar, if you’re able to publish one article per year, that’s truly superb. The larger point is that if you maintain a rate of production, then -- over time -- the numbers add up and your CV grows. When a hiring committee faces a stack of applications, candidates who have more publications stand out.

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