Monday, August 10, 2015

A Meeting of Psychologists Becomes a Moment of Soul Searching

The Chronicle of Higher Education
August 10th, 2015

As the crowd filled the convention hall, a cluster of angry words appeared on two large screens. Among them: Ashamed. Disappointed. Disgust.
On a stage at the front of the room, Susan H. McDaniel, the incoming president of the American Psychological Association, sat nervously in a director’s chair, holding her hands in her lap. Those ugly words and others, taken from a recent survey of student members, represented the collective outrage over what is arguably the darkest period in the association’s 123-year history.
And Ms. McDaniel was here, at a "town hall" during the association’s annual meeting, to answer hard questions, pledge to make changes, and say sorry on the group’s behalf.
The association has faced withering scrutiny since the publication of a report that found that it had colluded with the military to establish loose ethics guidelines regarding interrogations of terrorism suspects during the George W. Bush administration. Essentially, the report says, the group turned a blind eye to psychologists involved in what many now call torture.

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