Friday, August 7, 2015

$556.40 for Olive Jar

Inside Higher Ed
August 7th, 2015

What does the modern public university president need in a bedroom?
An itemized list of the $951,000 in expenses on renovations of the presidential home of the University of Akron's leader, Scott Scarborough, features many items one might find in a bedroom (if not, for most people, at these prices). As published by The Akron Beacon-Journal, the purchases included $1,742 for a headboard, $2,693 for two night tables and a mirror for $1,844. But it was an item less expensive than those (and other bedroom purchases) that seems to have created the most distress at Akron: an olive jar purchased for $556.40.
In part because many of us function without expensive olive jars in our bedrooms, that purchase has people talking.

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