Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Why Joining a Union is Good For Your Well-Being

The American Prospect
July 16th, 2015

American labor unions are facing a political assault unparalleled since the New Deal, from the Trans-Pacific Partnership to “right-to-work,” to the attack on public sector unions at the state level. And there’s a good chance it’ll just get worse. Ahead of Scott Walker’s possible nomination in the race for 2016, Republicans in Congress are already floating the National Right to Work Act.” If passed it would create a legal environment more hostile to the rights of workers than in any industrial democracy. Any conceivable Republican president would certainly sign such a bill if it reached his or her desk. As is well known, these laws dramatically and purposely reduce workers' ability to collectively bargain. Already, half of American states are right-to-work. A national right-to-work law would be a catastrophe for organized labor, pushing America’s already anemic unionization rate drastically lower still.

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