Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ohio U. Donor Apologizes for Advising Officials to Call Faculty Critics ‘Racists’

The Chronicle of Higher Education
July 16th, 2015

A major donor to Ohio University has apologized for an email encouraging university officials to “play the race card” to quiet critics, The Athens News reports. In the email, Steven L. Schoonover urged administrators to respond to faculty members critical of a new mansion for the university’s president, Roderick J. McDavis, who is black, by labeling them “racists.”
“My off-the-cuff statements were not intended to be serious, nor do they reflect my actual feelings toward the faculty and students at Ohio University,” Mr. Schoonover wrote in an op-ed essay in The Athens News. “Read carefully the ‘race card’ comment was actually a criticism of the way things are handled other places, not at Ohio University. I would never seriously recommend any such action, nor would President McDavis or the university administration condone such accusations.”

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