Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mark Cassell: How faculty unions help lower costs
July 23rd, 2015

Ever since their founding in the 1960s, unions that represent university faculty have been in the cross-hairs of conservative legislatures across the United States.
The most recent effort by Ohio House Republicans in H.B. 64 to forbid faculty at Ohio’s public universities from bargaining collectively over their contracts is just the latest in a long series of efforts across the country to eliminate or weaken the ability of faculty unions. However, doing what they suggest is likely to drive up costs in higher education. If that seems puzzling to you, read on.
The rationale for eliminating unions is that it gives administrators greater freedom (from faculty) to make the tough decisions that promise to reduce costs and increase quality. The sad irony is that such efforts are likely to decrease efficiency and increase costs. How do I know this? I looked at the data.

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