Wednesday, July 22, 2015

American Association of University Professors backs fired LSU professor, provides money for her legal defense

The Advocate
July 11th, 2015

Stepping up its criticism of LSU, a top national organization of university professors on Thursday announced it will publish a report critical of the university’s recent firing of associate professor Teresa Buchanan for alleged sexual harassment and pledged money to help with her legal defense.
The report known as a “supplementary report” will be only the seventh that American Association of University Professors has issued in its 100-year history.
The organization, which conducted its own review of the case, rejects LSU’s contention that Buchanan’s treatment of her students, including the use of curse words and telling the occasional sexually themed joke, in any way constituted sexual harassment.
“Maybe to a few people it’s unsettling, but we have a case where the worst things she is accused of doing are, at regular, secular universities, run-of-the-mill stuff these days,” said Jordan E. Kurland, the AAUP’s associate general secretary. “Nobody would bat an eye.”

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