Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Supreme Court to hear case threatening public employee unions

USA Today
June 30th, 2015

The Supreme Court signaled Tuesday that it may be prepared to strike down laws forcing public employees to pay union dues, posing a major threat to organized labor.
The justices agreed to hear a California case next fall challenging the requirement that teachers contribute to unions, even if they don't join them or agree with their positions on issues.
Two lower courts upheld that arrangement, but the high court in recent years has been hostile to the so-called "agency shop" rules. In two prior cases, Justice Samuel Alito has written majority opinions scaling back on the requirement.
Under the high court's 1977 precedent, unions largely have been allowed to collect dues from all private or public employees they represent. Those who object don't have to contribute to political or lobbying activities, but they must chip in for the unions' efforts in fighting for better wages, benefits and working conditions.

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