Thursday, June 18, 2015

Food Stamps and a Ph.d, Too: Adjuncts Find That Compensation, Like Scholarship, Is Undervalued

The Street
June 16th, 2015

The AFT also suggests that parents of college applicants find out the percentage of contingent faculty a school has and how they are treated. In its Just Ask brochure, the AFT suggests arriving for campus visits with questions about the likelihood that first- or second-year students will be taught by full-time, permanent faculty. The AFT also suggests asking questions about adjunct pay and whether or not they have office hours--a leading question, since adjuncts typically don't have offices.
Selective schools with bulge bracket endowments normally have the best tenure-to-adjunct ratio. The March 5 Yale Daily News, for example, reported that Yale's Faulty of Arts and Science had 462 tenured or tenure-track faculty and 15 adjuncts, about 4% of the total. According to the Senate Health, Education, Pension and Labor Committee's 2013 survey of for-profit colleges, 80% of the faculty at bankrupt Corinthian Colleges were adjuncts. But that's not far from the 76% national average cited by the AAUP.

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