Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Digital Platform Seeks to Match Employers, Job Seekers, and Courses

The Chronicle of Higher Education
June 24th, 2015

For Americans who don’t graduate from college with a four-year degree, finding employment can be difficult. But a new partnership between a foundation, big-name companies, and colleges hopes to make the job search easier.
The collaborators — which include LinkedIn, Arizona State University, edX, the Markle Foundation, the State of Colorado, and a number of employers in Phoenix and Colorado — hope to better prepare workers for jobs in today’s rapidly evolving labor market. Their initiative, Rework America Connected, focuses primarily on "middle skill" workers, including people who have two-year degrees or did not attend college.
Zoë Baird, Markle's president and chief executive, said the project was still in its early planning phases and did not yet have a set design or appearance. But the main idea is that collaborators will pool their resources to connect job seekers with employers and to offer job seekers the chance to enroll in college programs or classes if their credentials don’t yet meet employers’ needs.

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