Monday, May 11, 2015

This Connecticut man earns more money working at a grocery store than as a college professor

Business Insider
May 7th, 2015

In January, Matt Debenham got a job at the grocery story in his Connecticut town.
There’s nothing unusual about that, except for the fact that 44-year-old Debenham, a married father of two, earns more stocking shelves and bagging groceries than he does working his other job as an adjunct college professor.
“Adjunct” is industry speak for “part-time,” an arrangement that’s increasingly common at colleges and universities. The Huffington Post reports that while the majority of college professors are now adjuncts, 60% of them admit to having at least one other job.
In the 2015 edition of its annual report, the American Association of University Professors listed the average salary for a full-time professor as $US122,171. Looking only at professors teaching at private schools, it’s $US148,036, and at public schools, $US115,592.

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