Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Professor Is in: Negotiating Temporary Insurance

The Chronicle of Higher Education
May 19th, 2015

I got a tenure-track job offer! I’m thrilled but I am also fretting about health-care insurance. My graduate-school coverage ends in June but apparently my new coverage doesn’t start until the fall. What do I do?
You will want to see if you can negotiate either an early start on your health insurance from your new employer, or an advance on your salary to cover the cost of a temporary policy. Those options are not always provided, but they are becoming more common in recent years, and it’s always worth asking.
In the former case, while it’s very unlikely that a university can provide insurance prior to the start of your contract date, sometimes it will provide a temporary summer-only contract that includes benefits. In the latter case, the university will simply provide a lumpsum payment that you can use to purchase summer insurance on your own. Again, neither of those options is a guaranteed element of a tenure-track offer, but you can raise them in the negotiation process.

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