Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Low Hanging Fruit" for Respecting Adjuncts

Inside Higher Ed
May 20th, 2015

A recently published study, “Supporting the Academic Majority: Policies and Practices Related to Part-Time Faculty’s Job Satisfaction,” revealed that while the vast majority of adjunct faculty suffer from underemployment, one of the things they most want is “respect.”
No one who has been an adjunct or involved with issues of adjunct labor was surprised by the findings. A career as full-time “contingent” as opposed to part-time “adjunct” faculty at four different schools, I know the experience of working with and without respect from the institution and the people within it, and it makes a significant difference.
While I firmly believe that converting more low-paying, part-time adjunct positions to decent-paying, full-time positions is quite probably the shot of penicillin that cures the problem of respect, failing that, over time I’ve come to see a few things as “low hanging fruit,” when it comes to demonstrating the respect that adjunct faculty want and deserve.

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