Friday, May 22, 2015

Jumping in the Deep End

Inside Higher Ed
May 22nd, 2015

Nearly six years ago, I wrote my first column for Inside Higher Ed, discussing the reasons behind my decision to step down as vice provost at the University of Texas at Austin. It was a difficult decision, but looking back at it now, I know I made the right one. Although it took longer than I expected to get promoted to full professor, I am very glad that I was able to finish my book and several other research projects. As I have written in this column, the last five years have been difficult on the family front, losing my mother and several other close family members.
It has also been a difficult time at the University of Texas, with budget cuts and political battles playing out in the pages of this news site and others. Given that I know many of the protagonists personally, it has been hard watching the damage that has been done to the university, and it is my hope that UT will be moving beyond the political battles and that the new president will be able to focus on moving the university forward.

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