Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Faculty Group Accuses NYU Of Putting Renovations Before Student Concerns

Huffington Post
May 18th, 2015

A group of New York University faculty that is critical of the school’s land grab in Manhattan alleges that the university is overcharging its students to fund its real estate acquisitions and excessive pay for its administrators, according to a new report.
The three-part report by NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan comes as the university tries to renovate buildings in the city’s Greenwich Village neighborhood over the group's objections. The faculty group, which says it represents more than 400 NYU educators, has said the renovation plan would hurt the community and make life difficult for the hundreds of NYU faculty who live in the area.
Among the group’s allegations are that the university has rapidly increased its tuition without a corresponding increase in the school’s national rankings, a proliferation of opaque and comparatively high fees, and a pay scheme that has benefited university administrators rather than faculty.

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