Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Adjuncts Blame Workplace Disrespect for Job Dissatisfaction

The Chronicle of Higher Education
May 5th, 2015

Although nearly three-fourths of part-time college instructors said in a survey that they would rather be working full time, their chief source of job dissatisfaction was not their underemployment but a perceived lack of respect from their full-time colleagues and administrators, according to a new study.
The study, published this month in The Journal of Higher Education, found that adjuncts who involuntarily work only part time feel less satisfied in their jobs, and less respected by faculty members and administrators, than do adjuncts who deliberately seek part-time positions.
When the researchers used statistical analyses to examine what factors contributed to adjunct instructors’ job satisfaction, they found that perceptions of being disrespected in the workplace appeared to leave such instructors less likely to be satisfied in other areas. Although those who involuntarily worked only part time were actually significantly more likely than voluntary part-timers to have access to offices and campus-provided computers, their perceptions that they received less respect appeared to make them more sensitive about the adequacy of such elements of their working conditions.

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