Friday, April 10, 2015

Troubles in Thailand

Inside Higher Ed
April 10th, 2015

After a student at Webster University’s campus in Thailand died in a motorcycle accident last spring, fellow students organized a memorial service at which they released candlelit kites. A palm tree caught fire.
“I ran to the tree and called upon students to find firefighting equipment,” Michael Erickson, an English professor at Webster’s St. Louis campus who was in Thailand on a temporary teaching assignment, wrote in a letter to his dean last May. “All we could find was a garden hose. While students tried to douse the fire, I ran in search of more hoses, ladders or any other firefighting equipment. Nothing! Because the fire was in the crown of the palm, our hose was not quite long enough. A student climbed on top of another student’s shoulders to shoot the water high enough. This worked."
Erickson's letter continued, "If the tree next to this one had caught fire, the west wing of W.U.T. [Webster University Thailand] would certainly have caught fire."

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