Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Too Rude for Tenure?

Inside Higher Ed
April 15th, 2015

Under threat of termination, Victoria McCard -- the University of North Georgia Spanish professor who was pegged for termination following a verbal altercation with a visiting lecturer that triggered a larger investigation into her behavior -- has settled with the institution. She gets $40,000 and all claims against her dropped, and the university gets her retirement, effective the end of the academic year. Instead of a formal dismissal hearing, the matter was handled quietly with the help of an external mediator.
McCard's not talking in public about her case, according to the terms of her agreement. The same can’t be said of her colleagues, however, who are still hotly debating whether the university did the right thing in seeking to terminate a professor with an alleged long history of uncivil behavior, or whether it trounced on the tenure system with grave implications for remaining faculty members.

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