Thursday, April 2, 2015

Taking on Vandy's Priorities

Inside Higher Ed
April 2nd, 2015

Whoever sent a letter to faculty members at Vanderbilt University criticizing the leadership of Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos was dedicated: rather than a mass email, professors across campus each received a printed copy of the memo in their mailboxes one morning last week, urging them to take action to restore shared governance. Beyond that, though, there’s little public agreement among professors over whether the anonymous critics are heroes or cowards, spot-on in their arguments or wholly off base.
“Out of great concern for [Vanderbilt] and our desire to defend the standing of its faculty, we are writing to address the increasing misalignment between our academic needs and the support they receive at this university,” the letter reads. “We believe that [Zeppos’s] strategic priorities -- including building increasing numbers of new undergraduate dormitories; supporting large-scale university athletics; committing to a massively expensive undergraduate financial aid model; and centralizing administrative functions that have served only to increase our bureaucratic burden -- are entirely out of line with the academic priorities of many faculty.”

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