Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Defending My Grades

The Chronicle of Higher Education
April 20th, 2015

The emails poured in long after the semester was over: "I have never gotten anything below a B before, this must be a mistake." "I had an A all semester long and this must be a mistake." "Her class was mostly group work, how could I get a D in that? It must be a mistake."
As an adjunct instructor, the end of the semester brings, simultaneously, the joy and relief that a well-deserved break is on the way, and the fear and anxiety that another semester of work may not come again.
Being hired as an adjunct means working at the whim and mercy of the institution. As adjuncts, we know that going in, and we spend all semester knowing it. So when the semester ends, final grades are in, winter turns to spring, and we are no longer working for that same institution, a dilemma arises when students from the previous semester complain about their grades.

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