Friday, April 3, 2015

Change and Protest

Inside Higher Ed
April 3rd, 2015

Financial troubles have plagued Roxbury Community College in Boston for years. Now faculty unrest appears to be on the rise.
Faculty and staff at the small two-year college protested against President Valerie Roberson and her administration Thursday on the campus.
"We have a new administration and they have come into the college making draconian changes without regard to what has existed here for 40 years," said Ruth Kiefson-Roberts, an English professor at the college and president of the faculty's union chapter. "One of their first acts was to get rid of the entire middle management. Many of them had been here for decades and came up through the ranks. They left the college leaderless."
After the protest, 65 percent of 130 faculty and staff members voted no confidence in Roberson, Kiefson-Roberts said.

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