Friday, March 13, 2015

NYU’s Graduate Student Union Just Won a Historic Contract

The Nation
March 11th, 2015

When Sara Duvisac, a PhD candidate at New York University, slipped on ice and busted three front teeth, it cost $6,000 to put her mouth back together. Her NYU health plan did not include dental, so Duvisac drained her savings. With no money to fund her summer research in India, she instead took a second summer job to make ends meet.
“It was a pretty traumatic fall, and not having dental coverage only added to the trauma,” she told The Nation.
On Monday, Duvisac rallied with a crowd of over fifty graduate students outside the negotiating room as NYU’s Graduate Students Organizing Committee (GSOC)—the only union for private-school graduate workers in the country—struck a deal for higher wages, expanded healthcare (including dental) and extended benefits for the nearly 1,000 students represented by the union.

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