Monday, March 16, 2015

Labor Board Reinstates Grad Students’ Union Petitions at Columbia and the New School

The Chronicle of Higher Education
March 16th, 2015

The National Labor Relations Board has revived the efforts of graduate students and the United Auto Workers to form unions at Columbia University and the New School, according to Capital New York. The website, which reports on city and state politics, says the board reinstated the groups’ petitions to be recognized after they were denied, on February 6, by the NLRB’s regional director for New York City.
In separate, brief rulings issued on Friday, the board said it was granting the groups at Columbia and the New School a review of the regional director’s decision, which cited a Brown University case that established that graduate students are not workers. The rulings also come on the heels of a tentative labor agreement between New York University and its graduate students that union leaders there characterized as including “historic gains.”

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