Friday, March 13, 2015

Hedging Your Bets

The Chronicle of Higher Education
March 11th, 2015

Jenny: Increasingly Julie and I meet Ph.D. job seekers who are worrying about how they’ll fare on the faculty job market and, at the same time, planning to apply for nonacademic positions. They’ve researched career options and perhaps have some relevant work experience. They want—and need—a job. Some have been on the faculty market in previous years without receiving an offer. Others know that their prospects in academe are dim. Some may just want to test the waters outside of faculty work. So they’re hedging their bets and running job searches in multiple realms.
Julie: Is this perhaps the new normal? Carolyn Steele, career development coordinator at York University in Canada, said Ph.D.’s used to do either an academic search or a nonacademic one. Now many Ph.D.’s are doing both. "I’m finding that the idea of ‘both/and’ is replacing the ‘either-or’ scenario," she said—at least as a transition strategy from graduate school to career.

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