Thursday, February 19, 2015

Crossing Over

Inside Higher Ed
February 18th, 2015

Faculty should be administrators. Well, not all faculty, of course. But, yes, some of you should consider being administrators. I say this for several reasons, but overall those reasons boil down to one thing: your voice.
Every morning when I scan the e-mail summary from Inside Higher Ed and The Chronicle of Higher Education, there are at least two or more stories, editorials or blog posts that demonstrate the profound disconnect between faculty and administration. In some institutions this disconnect has become a gaping chasm. And while I don't really expect things between the two groups to become cozy anytime soon, I do think if more faculty considered moving into the administrative ranks, the relationship could be better.
At the lower levels of academic administration, this is why we (mostly) choose chairs from among the pool of the existing departmental faculty. We want someone who knows the faculty, the students, the standards of the particular academic discipline or profession. We value proximity, experience and insider knowledge.

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