Monday, February 16, 2015

Adjuncts Rising

Huffington Post
February 16th, 2015

As Arizona Stands Once Again as a Pinnacle of Repugnant Public Policy, University of Arizona Adjuncts Decide Enough is Enough.
This time it's not a barbarous law meant to menace undocumented migrants, or the mulish refusal to give driver's licenses to DREAMERS, or outlawing inspiring ethnic studies programs in high schools. In 2015, as Republican Doug Ducey settles into the governor's chair, he looks to make Arizona into a buccaneering trailblazer stealing money from higher education and sending it to private prisons. Ducey recently announced that he plans to spend an additional $70 million a year to lock up more inmates in Arizona. According to the Arizona Daily Star, that would raise the Department of Corrections state budget to one in every eight dollars of state spending.
(It's little surprise that Ducey's campaign received generous donations from PACs and organizations closely associated with the private prison industry.)

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