Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Leak sparks debate on academic freedom
January 20th, 2015

Following the leak of faculty emails from the restricted “Concerned” Listserv this past summer and University President Frederick Lawrence’s response to the comments in a July 28, 2014 statement, some faculty members have expressed concerns regarding freedom of speech on campus.
“Concerned” is a restricted email list that was created in 2003 as a forum for interested professors to express their concerns surrounding the Iraq War and has since evolved to bring attention to other issues.
Many of the “Concerned” leaks involved comments that expressed discontent with Israel and policies pertaining to Gaza. In his initial Breitbart News Network article leaking the emails, Daniel Mael ’15 included Hindley’s comments from a 2007 email to the Listserv with the subject line “Plant a Tree, Bury a Palestinian.”
“Zionist olive trees grow wondrously on Palestinian corpses,” the email read. “In that way, we combine great trees with our own holocaustic ethnic cleansing.”

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