Wednesday, January 7, 2015

College Presidents Get Their Own Guide to Social Media

The Chronicle of Higher Education
January 7th, 2014

As social media redefine how we communicate, both new and experienced users in colleges' top jobs have to ponder some questions.
How should I be representing and promoting my college personally on social media? What do I gain if I do it well? What do I lose if I don’t? And what are the risks of engaging in a forum where a misstep can go viral and embarrass me and my institution?
Daniel A. Zaiontz had those questions in mind when he wrote #FollowtheLeader: Lessons in Social Media Success From #HigherEd CEOs, published this month by the higher-education branding company mStoner. The book grew out of research Mr. Zaiontz, a special-projects coordinator at Seneca College, in Toronto, did for his master’s thesis in strategic communications in 2013.

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