Tuesday, December 2, 2014

UNLV Fires Professor for Repeated Plagiarism

The Chronicle of Higher Education
December 2nd, 2014

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas has fired Mustapha Marrouchi, a professor of postcolonial literature, based on its finding that he plagiarized the work of numerous other scholars, according to documents it released to The Chronicle on Monday in response to an open-records request.
Donald D. Snyder, the university’s president, told the professor in a letter dated November 7 that he was firing Mr. Marrouchi for cause, effective immediately, based on the conclusions of a special hearing officer and the recommendations of a special hearing committee.
The five-member hearing committee had unanimously found Mr. Marrouchi guilty of academic dishonesty and of misconduct deemed serious enough to render him unfit to remain in his job in the university’s English department.
The committee voted, 4 to 1, in favor of his dismissal, with the dissenter arguing that instead he should be suspended for a year and required to forfeit six years’ worth of pay increases, apologize to his victims, undergo ethics training, and submit to plagiarism-software analysis any scholarly work he intends to submit to publishers over the next three years.

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