Monday, December 22, 2014

Marquette Suspends Professor For Criticizing Instructor's Opposition To 'Homophobic Comments'

Huffington Post - Education
December 17th, 2014

A professor at Marquette University in Milwaukee has been suspended after he publicly chastised a teaching assistant on his blog for discouraging a discussion in her classroom regarding gay rights, the school said on Wednesday.
Political science professor John McAdams was suspended with pay from his faculty and teaching duties at the Catholic university and barred from being on campus during the school's investigation, according to university spokesman Brian Dorrington.
The controversy began on Nov. 9 when McAdams criticized philosophy class instructor Cheryl Abbate on his blog.
According to McAdams, the instructor challenged a student's opposition to gay rights and told the student "homophobic comments" would not be allowed in the class. She also suggested the student drop the class if he did not like it, according to McAdams.
McAdams wrote Abbate was using a liberal tactic to dismiss any opinion that does not fit into their views.

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