Friday, November 14, 2014

U. of Illinois Board Clears Way for Rehiring of Ex-Terrorist as Instructor

The Chronicle of Higher Education
November 14th, 2014

The University of Illinois’s Board of Trustees on Thursday left academic units on the system’s Urbana-Champaign campus free to make their own decision about rehiring as a part-time instructor James W. Kilgore, a former member of the Symbionese Liberation Army who served time for his role in a 1975 bank robbery that resulted in a murder.
A statement issued on the board’s behalf after its Thursday meeting said that “a robust debate that represented a wide range of divergent viewpoints” about Mr. Kilgore had ended with its deciding to take no action regarding the employment of the part-time instructor. “While the board has clear statutory responsibility to act on tenure/tenure-track faculty and permanent staff hiring decisions, the board traditionally has not been involved in part-time and adjunct employee hiring decisions,” the statement said.
The statement said the board had instead asked Robert A. Easter, president of the University of Illinois, “to develop a clear policy to guide future hiring decisions for part-time and adjunct staff throughout the three-campus university.” The board expects to consider the policy in January. “In the meantime,” the statement said, “chancellors and provosts at each campus should continue acting under their existing hiring practices for these types of positions.”

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