Tuesday, November 25, 2014

U. of Georgia Moves to Fire Lecturer Over His Relationship With Student

The Chronicle of Higher Education
November 25th, 2014

The University of Georgia is moving to fire a lecturer in its psychology department after the administration found him to have violated a policy barring professors from dating students under their supervision, the Athens Banner-Herald reported.
The lecturer, Rich Suplita, admitted to violating the university’s policy in 2012, when he dated an undergraduate he had met in one of his classes. The student filed a harassment complaint against him, and he received a reprimand.
He began dating a graduate teaching assistant in his summer class this year. The couple reportedly met with a supervisor to ask about the propriety of the relationship as it began, but the university determined that Mr. Suplita had engaged in a “prohibited consensual relationship.”
Mr. Suplita has appealed a decision by the university’s equal-opportunity office to the university’s president, Jere W. Morehead. Mr. Suplita said he believed the inquiry into his conduct was inconclusive, and he insisted he had not violated university policies. But he said that he intended to leave the university no matter the outcome of his case.

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