Monday, November 24, 2014

U. of Colorado Will Pay Philosophy Professor $185,000 to Resign

The Chronicle of Higher Education
November 22nd, 2014

The University of Colorado at Boulder is paying an associate professor of philosophy roughly $185,000 to resign after he was investigated for potentially violating the college’s policy regarding relationships with students, the Daily Camera reports. Bradley Monton will receive $120,000 in addition to the rest of his yearly salary in exchange for his resignation, according to a settlement agreement with the university, in which both parties denied fault or liability.
Mr. Monton has been a vocal critic of how the university has dealt with allegations of sexism in its beleaguered philosophy department. An April report by the American Association of University Professors said the college had violated Mr. Monton’s academic freedom by removing him from certain university committees, among other things.
The past year has been a nightmare for Boulder’s philosophy department, which was the subject of an outside report that last year found a culture of sexism within the department. The college responded by removing the department chair and suspending graduate admissions, which it recently said it would resume.

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