Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tough Times for Colleges Mean Boom Times for Higher-Ed’s Hired Guns

The Chronicle of Higher Education
November 4th, 2014

There’s nothing like a hobbled business model to keep the higher-education consulting business hopping.
After years as a managing director at Huron Consulting—preceded by a long career as an administrator at several prominent universities—John Curry recently stepped down from his Huron post. Unsurprising, perhaps, considering that he’s 73.
But Mr. Curry didn’t retire. He moved to another consulting firm, Deloitte, which recruited him to help guide strategy for the organization’s expanding practice in higher education. In the past two years, Deloitte has doubled, to 200, its consultants working in higher education.
Peter Stokes, another expert in higher-education management who is well known for his prior work at Eduventures and as a member of the Spellings Commission, just rejoined the consulting ranks. After working for the past several years on strategy and business development for Northeastern University, Mr. Stokes joined Huron in October as one of 35 managing directors in the higher-education practice, which now has 335 consultants. He’ll focus on cost containment, revenue strategies, and, as he puts it, helping colleges respond to internal pressures from trustees and outside pressures from lawmakers and the public "to become more this and more that."

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