Monday, November 3, 2014

Professor’s Remarks on Sexual Assault Spark Dueling Claims of Retaliation

The Chronicle of Higher Education
November 3rd, 2014

A professor at the U.S. Naval Academy has accused it of retaliating against him in a 15-month-old dispute that began when he told his classes that the academy’s sexual-assault training was unfair to men, The Washington Post reports.
Bruce E. Fleming, who has vocally criticized the academy on a range of issues, including in essays in The Chronicle Review, last year sent emails to two students who had objected to his criticisms of the training. “There is no assertion that is too sacred for me to question it,” he wrote.
The students filed a harassment complaint against Mr. Fleming, an English professor, who was eventually cleared. He, in turn, sought to have the students punished under the academy’s conduct code. That pursuit ended with a formal reprimand against the professor for retaliating against the students. Mr. Fleming, who says the academy is trying to silence him, is fighting the reprimand.

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