Monday, November 24, 2014

How a Persistent Scholar Landed an Invitation to T.S. Eliot's Archive

The Chronicle of Higher Education
November 24th, 2014

The first letter was dated June 19, 1970. "Dear Mrs. Eliot," it began.
The recipient was Valerie Eliot, widow of T.S. Eliot. The writer was Ronald Schuchard, a young literature scholar. "I have been researching Mr. Eliot’s lesser known writings for over three years," he wrote, "and I have written a master’s thesis and a doctoral dissertation on my findings."
He asked for permission to read some of Eliot’s unpublished writing, permission that could be granted only by Mrs. Eliot, who controlled the estate.
So commenced a correspondence, and eventually a friendship, between an extremely patient academic and a woman known for fiercely protecting—some might say overprotecting—the papers of the revered poet who ushered in High Modernism.

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