Monday, October 20, 2014

Reforming Shared Governance?

The Chronicle of Higher Education
October 15th, 2014

I won’t spend the whole week recapitulating Rice’s De Lange conference on “Teaching in the University of Tomorrow” (see yesterday’s post on “Seeding Social Media”) but I did want to draw folks’ attention to one more thing: William Bowen’s talk on technology and changing American priorities related to higher education.
Bowen describes the financial and demographic challenged facing higher education, and argues for a more technologically coherent platform that would help colleges deliver courses in online or blended formats. ITHAKA has made his report available for download, and it’s certainly worth reading–not least because the written report is more nuanced than the public presentation.
Because shared governance has long been an interest of mine, I wanted to highlight Bowen’s call for faculty simultaneously to cede control over curricular delivery *and* to be more forgiving of administrative missteps:

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