Monday, October 20, 2014

One Faculty

AAUP National
October 2014

The One Faculty campaign grows out of the AAUP's long history as an organization seeking to improve working conditions, shared governance, economic security, and academic freedom for all those who teach and do research in our universities and colleges. We believe that these issues are important to all faculty, including full- and part-time non-tenure-track faculty, and those who are on the tenure-track.
Through the One Faculty campaign, AAUP staff, leaders, and members are working together to develop tools that faculty can use on our campuses to gain concrete improvements in job security and working conditions for faculty on contingent appointments.
Especially now, when we are facing administrative bloat, increased attacks on academic freedom, and a further narrowing of options for faculty governance, it is essential that we stand together as One Faculty. When we speak and act with one voice, we demonstrate our commitment to our profession, our students, and one another. Working together through our chapters and state conferences results in more equitable handbook and contract language, more robust shared governance, and better educational policies. Join with us to improve working conditions for everyone doing our work. For more information, call or e-mail the AAUP’s Department of Organizing.

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