Thursday, October 23, 2014

Not on the Job Market

Inside Higher Ed
October 22nd, 2014

It sort of snuck up on me this year; I am in a new position, I’m not really teaching, and so the creeping inevitability stayed off of my radar for a change. So while I wasn’t surprised when the first job-advice tweets and think-pieces started showing up on my screen, I was surprised by how vehemently negatively I reacted.
Exhibit A.
Maybe being freed from actually being on the market allowed me to unleash my … frustrations. Maybe it’s because I feel some survivor’s guilt for getting off of the contingent merry-go-round and am instead in a satisfying, rewarding, enjoyable alt-ac position, so I am particularly sensitive to job advice pieces that ignore adjuncts on the market.
(I even toyed with the idea of offering my own job advice to adjuncts, but really, I know not nearly enough. And, again, I think they would end up being entirely too ragey.)
Inevitably, however, because I am friends with academics and graduate students and member of a number of academic listservs, plenty of academic jobs, both traditional and alt-ac, come into my field of view (not to mention the ones that are algorithmically selected for me here on IHE).

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