Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Most Colleges in Boston Don’t Pay in Full for City Services

The Chronicle of Higher Education
October 28th, 2014

Most colleges in Boston have not paid the city the amount of money it has requested for municipal services, The Boston Globe reports. As part of a three-year-old program, nonprofit organizations with property valued at more than $15-million are asked to pay the city twice a year for services like police protection and snow removal.
A Globe review found that most colleges don’t make the voluntary payments. For example, Northeastern University, which was asked to pay the city $2.5-million for the most recent fiscal year, paid nothing.
“They were all in the room, and they all agreed to this,” said Stephen J. Murphy, a member of the City Council. But the president of the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts, Richard Doherty, said that the voluntary payments would force many of Boston’s colleges to resort to budget cuts, and that the colleges already benefited the city in other ways.

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