Monday, October 27, 2014

English professor suspended 9 months for unfriendly body language, sighing, and using irony

Raw Story
October 27th, 2014

 An English professor who was suspended for sighing, unfriendly body language, and using irony was reinstated after the administration’s charges against him were dropped, Inside Higher Ed reports.
The head of the University of Warwick’s English department, Catherine Bates, had accused Thomas Docherty of disrespecting job candidates during interviews by “projecting negative body language,” making “ironic” comments, and sighing. The witnesses who were going to testify against him planned on doing so via anonymous statements, thereby making it impossible for their accounts to be cross-examined.
While suspended, Docherty was prohibited from contacting any of his colleagues on campus, or even writing a preface for a new book in the Warwick Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities series — a series on which he served as an editor.

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