Monday, September 29, 2014

U. of Arizona Reprimands Professor in Wake of Plagiarism Inquiry

The Chronicle of Higher Education
September 29th, 2014

The University of Arizona has reprimanded a professor after an investigation into allegations that she plagiarized the work of a former student, the Arizona Daily Star reported.
The student accused Susannah Dickinson, an assistant professor in Arizona’s School of Architecture, of lifting material from his master’s thesis and presenting it as her own work. Ms. Dickinson was the faculty adviser for the student’s thesis.
A university committee reviewed three allegations of plagiarism. Andrew C. Comrie, the university’s provost, described the committee’s findings in a letter to Arizona’s president, Ann Weaver Hart. He wrote that the university had found that the professor’s conduct had risen to the level of misconduct in the form of plagiarism in one of the cases. He determined that Ms. Dickinson should be issued a “formal admonishment” acknowledging the misconduct.

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